Aug 302008

Yesterday Greg and I went to get our long overdue anniversary tattoos. Yes, we had this plan before our anniversary but only got down to it weeks later. And when we finally went to Borneo Ink to make our appointment, we had to wait for another month for a slot. Yes, Simon (our tattoo artist) is one busy fellow… And after our tattoos are done I can see why. He is really good at what he does and a great guy. When you decide to put a mark on your body permanently… you’ll want someone whom you can trust and who is no less then great at what he does. 😉

So about the tattoo… initially Greg and I wanted to get matching ones to commemorate our 5th year anniversary. So I spent endless hours pouring through Google images and tattoo design site… I kinda wanted something with stars because both Aiden and Caitlyn’s first song is ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’. Greg suggested something like a Roman numeral 5 or any kind of variations to that… but I didn’t like that. It just didn’t like go ‘PING’ for me. He thought that the tattoo should be about ‘us’ and not so much focus on the kids, but to me the kids So the list goes on and on and many discussions (some pretty heated) about our tattoo design. Up till the day we were still bickering about it!! So in the end we settled for the star design with Aiden and Caitlyn’s portraits in it but we’ll see what they say and get some advise from the experts. Because both of us weren’t too keen on getting one that’ll end up too big, and I kinda knew that it’ll probably have to be rather big to get the details in the stars.

Sure enough, when we were there, it was exactly what happened. So decided to go to plan B. Not matching tattoo but something that’ll remind us of each other.

So on me I got a pair of headphones with wings. I’ve been toying with this idea for awhile now… But because initially it’s suppose to be matching tattoos so I shoved the idea as it was personal for me. For me it just represents Greg and the times we’ve been through together. Headphones is because of his DJ-ing days. That’s when we started dating and we had so much fun together and the wings is him now. I actually wanted the wings to look like the wings that the pilots wear but Simon advised not to as it would make the headphones to look like earmuffs :-( Not so nice lah. So he (Simon) drew this design and it’s awesome!!

Tattoo outline

This is what it looked like after Simon was done with the outline. Cool eh? 😉

Completed tattoo

And this is how it looks like after he has put in the colors. I think it’s just amazing. Simon did a great job. And it was fast too, with that kind of details and shading, he took like about an hour to complete the whole thing. I love it! Greg thinks it’s cool too. 😀 It so ‘perfect’, it looks almost fake! *kekeke* I think Simon will kill me if he heard this.

As for Greg… Guess what he did? So I got a headphones with wings tattoo that represents him… for those of you who knows me very well would probably have an idea but dare not say it. Or cannot BELIEVE it!!!! But BELIEVE IT folks… Even I am in shock (still…)

Greg\'s Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel tattoo

That’s Greg’s tattoo… (Aw…) I’m SO jealous… and awestruck. First and foremost, Greg doesn’t take pain well at all…

Very pain..pain..

That’s him getting the outline done. He just practically buried his face into the pillow the whole time. Thought I heard some muffled screams… After he said to fellow blogger Jeff, that it felt like Simon was cutting a piece of his flesh out! I dunno, I guess it’s a bit different for all people. I ‘m not saying it’s not painful, IT IS!! It didn’t feel like my flesh being cut out kinda pain… well, after all I gave birth to 2 kids…be it with or with out epidural. Have you seen the size of my kids?!! Jeff went the next day to do his tattoo of a koi fish by Simon’s sister Lina. But that you’ll have to check out his blog to read about it.I’m sure he’ll be blogging about it soon or not, because it’s actually not completed yet. He’ll have to go back on the 11th. All I have to say… it’s very nice.

So for anyone thinking about getting a tattoo… Borneo Ink is highly recommended. Most importantly it’s clean and both Simon and Lina are really good and very professional. I think they have really come a long way. Simon actually did Greg’s first tattoo when they were only operating from home here in Pantai Hill Park many, many moons ago. You can’t compromise experience too you know…


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  1. you are so ‘cool’ – you rocks with tattoo babe!!! salute…

  2. Hey, cool website. I basically came across this on Bing, and i am stoked I did. I’ll definately be revisiting here far more usually. Wish I could add for the article and bring a little bit additional to the table, but am just absorbing as considerably information as I can at the second.

  3. This is wicked i love the story & waited till the end to see your pics. Its our 5th year anniversary too & are stuck on matching tattoos….. You got us thinking!!!

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